Website Development and Design

Website Development and Design

Custom Websites that Perform for YOU!

With all of the options out there today, one may ask, “Why do I need to hire a professional web designer that wants to charge me to build a website for my business that I can build myself for free?” The answer? You don’t need to hire a professional web designer to build a website for your business. You CAN build one yourself for free. In fact, with all of the options out there today, free websites are a dime a dozen.
So why invest in a professional web designer to provide this service for you? Because as a business owner, you understand the importance of “Delegation of Expertise”. Surgeons, mechanics, attorneys, web designers. They are all experts in their field. Would you hire a surgeon to perform a mechanic’s trade?
A beautiful website can be built for free. But online beauty is only web skin deep. That is why so many websites fail to make a difference for their owners. Building a site is simple. Introducing it to society and giving it character, establishing it’s value and nurturing it’s growth is where the true magic happens.
Your website needs to be beautiful and it needs be professional. But most importantly, it needs to WORK. After all, it is an investment. Your website is an employee that is on the payroll.
Partnering with Nerdy 30 and allowing us to manage your online presence can assure that your website performs it’s assigned duties efficiently.

Wesite Design

Professional design at affordable pricing from a guy you can trust


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Specializing in ad campaigns for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing and more


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Custom logos for personalized branding