Providing Small Business Solutions through Web Design Services


Does your business need a website?
Do you currently have a website but it doesn’t receive the quality traffic your business needs to sustain it’s online presence?
Do you need an effective online marketing campaign?

Whatever your interweb needs may be,
Nerdy 30 can help.

By partnering with Nerdy 30, we can develop a strategic plan that includes an effective combination of web design and online marketing. I will help you create a new website design or update your current site. All of my design and development projects are built on Wordpress which allows me to provide you with nearly unlimited design options.
With customized marketing campaigns, I can take your online presence to the next level by placing your business in front of the right potential clients.

And it doesn’t stop there!

With a variety monthly subscription options, I can also host your site and perform needed backup and routine maintenance. All of these post-launch services help to guarantee that your site stays secure and up to date.